Brooklyn Boy-Ross Valley Players- May 9-June 15

Brooklyn Boy- A Play by Donald Marguilies

If you have ever been nostalgic for the place where you grew up and the people you had known, this play is for you. I was very attracted to this play as a “Brooklynite," but even though it is set initially in Brooklyn, in a primarily Jewish neighborhood, it is universal enough to take place anywhere and revolve around any culture.
This bittersweet journey is about an author, Eric Weiss, turned successful (a Hollywood movie is being made from his latest book) and who has never had his father’s real acknowledgment and recognition, even on his father’s deathbed. Eric tries to revive the relationship with his alienated wife, in vain , and cannot re-establish his childhood friendship. He also alienates himself from his Jewish faith. The latitude of emotions is huge—from extremely hilarious moments to very sad ones. The play has a wonderful and gratifying ending.
The reason why the rendition of this play is so realistic and engrossing is primarily because the actors do not seem like they are acting. In fact their characters are so real you can truly identify with so many aspects of them. This is largely due to the brilliance of the director Phoebe Moyer and her tremendous compatibility and coordination with the actors who are extremely convincing in their roles as a result.
This is a play that should not be missed.

Written by Donald Margulies, a Pulitzer Prize winning playwright, Directed by Phoebe Moyer.
Cast: Matthew Lai as Eric Weiss, the author; Safiya Arnaout as Melanie Fine, the Hollywood agent; Timothy Beagley as Ira Zimmer, the old classmate, Jerry Jacob as Eric’s father, Manny Weiss ,Robin Steeves as Eric’s wife Nina, Joseph Rende as the Actor Tyler Shaw and Allison Porto Yale as one of Eric’s enthusiasts,Alison.

May 9- June 15, Ross Valley Playhouse